On this website, cultural sociologists of Erasmus University Rotterdam explore, analyze, and report on Dutch culture wars as part of a four-year research project. This project asks why the less educated distrust politicians, judges, and scientists more than their more educated counterparts. In answering this question the project develops a novel theory and method to uncover the role of institutional knowledge and colliding lifestyles and attitudes. More specifically, the project scrutinizes how institutional professionals are perceived as by those who share little affinity with elite culture. In this way, institutional trust becomes part of a Dutch culture war where the less educated are pitted against the ‘culturally superior’ elite.

About us

This website is created by Jeroen van der Waal, Willem de Koster, Josje ten Kate, and Kjell Noordzij.

Much of prof.dr. Jeroen van der Waal’s research aims to explain why social stratification is linked to value orientations, voting behavior, and health disparities in Western societies. See www.jeroenvanderwaal.com for more information.

Dr. Willem de Koster’s research mainly addresses the genesis, manifestations, and consequences of cultural conflict in western countries. For more information, see www.willemdekoster.nl.

Josje ten Kate (MSc) is mainly interested in the role of cultural factors in contemporary social disparities.

Kjell Noordzij (MSc) is particularly interested in the role of status as cultural capital in contemporary political conflicts.

Photo: Erasmus University Rotterdam